A new book now available.

After many years of working on building, repairing
and refurbishing flathead V8-60 engines, Rich
Willim decided it was time to share his experience
will those also interested in the old V8-60 engines.

He has published a book called THE V8-60 - Ford's
Little Powerhouse.

This was in response to the many questions asked
of him over the years and the many calls for help
when someone was stuck in the process of
working on their engines.

It includes steps on tearing down repairing and
reassembling the engines. There are many pictures
illustrating the various steps as well as many
photos that are just fun to view.

Mr. Willim still builds and refurbishes the old
flathead V8's.  If you are interested in having him
work on an engine, you can use the same contact
information as for purchasing the book.
Specializing in V8-60's
Comments from buyers:

To Whom it may concern:

I just wanted to send a note to say this book is a definite
asset to the business that we own and operate.  This book,
in my opinion, far exceeds the description you gave.
The attention to detail and the "actual" pictures of parts and
tools makes this book "well worth it's money".
In addition, the technical information given was, again in
my opinion, a "real plus" to the business.


"Received the book today.  Very nice pictures!  My nephew is
going to build a roadster.  Thanks!"

"My new Richard Willim's v8/60 book arrived yesterday & I have
only skimmed through it , but its awesome !!!!
I have some stuff thats not in it but it has alot that I don,t have.
Cheers "

"First of all, let me say Many Thanks for publishing such a book.
It's a book that is sorely needed for us fans of the small block

"Neat book. Lots of info on old tools and techniques. Well worth
the money."

"Richard, Richard,Received your book yesterday and it is
absolutely terrific! Thanks"
Want to hear what
this engine sounds
like?  Check it out on
our pics page.